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Policy statement Your profile is absolutely confidential Data usage policy When you use the materials or resources on the AFUFX website, you should carefully consider the following restrictions: Privacy Policy This website and content are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. You may not use the information on the website to consult or modify the original text without the company's permission. If you would like to request permission, please contact us. Copying and posting data from the AFUFX website via the Internet to other places is only permitted if the source of the information is indicated in the title and the link to the information you have obtained. Commitment The privacy of our existing and previous websites of visitors and customers is very important to us. The company is committed to maintaining any information about you that we collect, use and store. 2. Information acquisition When you register an analog or real account with AFUFX, we need to obtain some of your personal information for business purposes. By understanding your financial needs, we can not only meet your needs with a notarization and provide you with the most suitable products and services, give you the appropriate information on your investment strategy, handle your requirements and transactions, and provide sales and after-sales services. We need you to provide the following personal information: Personal and financial information application/form for online registration Some files are needed to prove your identity and place of residence, such as a passport, ID card, utility bill or bank statement. Please note that when you choose to end your working relationship with AFUFX, we must keep your profile for 5 years. 3. Personal information use The following list demonstrates why AFUFX needs to use your profile: Verify your identity To ensure that you apply our products and services In order to manage the account you hold In order to process your trade order In order to send you information about the transaction/post-transaction service In order to receive the latest information on products, services and any other information related to the company's working relationship To improve the webpage For analysis and statistics, we will help you provide better products and services in the future. 4. Cookies Cookies are small pieces of data that record the first page you visit. If you log in to the site again in the future, the cookie data will remember the first time you browsed. For example, you can remember your username and password. Cookies on this page make it easy for our users to have a more personalized browsing experience. If you do not agree with our Cookies Policy you can disable cookies but you can still browse our website. 5. Safety and protection AFUFX is commissioned to securely protect your personal data by adhering to strict security standards and using state of the art security technology. 6. Your consent By accessing this website, you agree that AFUFX may store, use and disclose your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 7. Your power In compliance with the Data Protection Act, each user is granted the right to relate to their personal information. These rights include accessing and/or modifying your personal data, blocking the processing of this data and preventing bad marketing. AFUFX ensures that your personal data is protected in accordance with applicable personal information protection laws and regulations. 8. Question If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you have further questions about your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to

Risk warning: Margin spread contracts involve high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors may encounter losses that exceed the amount of money they receive in trading. Messages on this website, e-mail or related websites will not recommend any financial products, nor will they contain information based on investors'personal goals, financial status and needs. Before deciding to trade margin spread contracts in AFUFX, please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide carefully and seek the advice of independent experts if necessary. Investors with low risk tolerance or over 60 years of age are not recommended for trading. All information and content of this website may be changed at any time without further notice. You are browsing the interface of AFUFX's Hong Kong website. Please note that this website is set up by Chinese users who are easy to use. It is still an American website whose content is governed by the relevant laws of the United States and the Commonwealth. Transactions are risky and investments need to be prudent.