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Risk disclosure statement
Risk disclosure statement Risk warning Potential customers should study the following risk warnings very carefully. Please note that we have not explored or explained all the risks involved in the trading of financial instruments. We outline the overall characteristics of risk on a fair and unbiased basis. In particular, CFDs (CFDs) are complex financial products that are not suitable for all investors. CFDs are leveraged products that expire when you choose to close your position. Investing in CFDs, you assume a high level of risk and may result in you losing all your investment capital. Clients should not engage in any trading activity until they are aware of and fully understand the risks involved in each financial instrument. Your risk should not exceed your ability to withstand. FXTM does not provide clients with any investment advice related to investments, possible investment transactions or financial instruments, nor does it make any investment recommendations. Customers should consider which financial products are suitable for them based on their financial situation and goals before opening an account with AFUFX. If the customer still cannot understand these risks after consulting the independent financial advisor, they should not engage in trading activities at all. Trading financial instruments is accompanied by significant risks of loss and loss. Each customer must understand that once a trading decision is made, the value of the investment may rise or fall, and the customer is responsible for all such losses and losses, and the amount of losses and losses may exceed the initial investment. 2. Statement Technology risk 1. The customer is responsible for the risk of financial loss due to failure of information, communications, electronics and other systems. The result of any system failure may be that his order was not executed as directed by his order or that his order was not executed at all. In this case, the company does not assume any responsibility. 2. When trading through a client terminal, the customer is responsible for the risk of financial loss arising from: (a) failure, malfunction or misuse of the hardware or software of the customer or company; (b) Poor Internet connection, interruption, transmission failure or public grid failure or hacking attack or overload connection of the customer or the company or both parties; (c) The client settings are incorrect; (d) User-side upgrade delay; (e) The Client disregards the Customer Terminal Usage Guidelines and the applicable rules described on the Company's website. 3. The client agrees that when the transaction volume is extremely high, the customer may have some difficulties connecting to the trader by telephone, especially when the market is fluctuating rapidly (such as when key macroeconomic indicators are released). Abnormal market conditions 4. The client acknowledges that execution of instructions and requests may be delayed under abnormal market conditions. Trading platform 5. The client acknowledges that only one request or instruction can be queued for execution at a point in time. Once the client has sent a request or instruction, further requests or instructions sent by the client will be ignored, and the "order locked" message will appear before the first request or instruction is executed. 6. The client acknowledges that only a reliable source of quoted information is the basis for the actual/actual server quotation. The quotation of the client is not a reliable source of quotation flow information, because the connection between the client terminal and the server may be interrupted at some point, and some quotations may not reach the client terminal. 7. The client acknowledges that an order or request that has been sent to the server cannot be cancelled when the customer closes the order/modify/delete window or open/close window. 8. In the event that the customer does not receive the execution result of the previous sent order but decides to repeat the order, the customer shall accept the risk of making two transactions instead of one, but the customer may receive an order as stated in 2.5 points. Information that is locked." 9. The client acknowledges that when the pending order transaction has been executed, but at the same time the customer sends an order to modify its level and the level of the If-Done Orders, the only order that will be executed is to modify when the limit order is triggered. Orders for stop loss and/or profitability of established positions. communication 10. The Client accepts the risk of financial loss due to delay in receipt of the Company's notice or failure to receive any notice from the Company. 11. The Client acknowledges that unencrypted information transmitted via email is not protected by any unauthorized access. 12. The customer is fully responsible for the risks associated with the internal mail information sent by the company to the customer, as this information will be automatically deleted within 3 (three) calendar days. 13. The Client is solely responsible for the privacy of the information received from the Company and accepts any financial loss arising from unauthorized access to the Client's trading account by the third party. 14. When information including electronic addresses, electronic communications and personal data, access materials is transmitted between the company or any other party via the Internet or other network communications equipment, telephone or any other electronic means, if authorized/not The authorized third party is not responsible for the use of information. Commission and tax 12. Before you start trading, you should know all the commissions and other fees you will bear. If the fee is not expressed in monetary terms (such as a certain percentage of the contract value), you should ensure that you understand the true monetary value of the fee. 13. Clients trading in any financial instrument, including derivatives, may be subject to tax or other taxes, such as changes in legislation or changes in personal circumstances. The company does not guarantee that you do not need to pay taxes and / or other stamp duty. The client assumes any taxes and/or other taxes that may occur on his transaction. Suspend trading 14. Under certain trading conditions, it may be difficult or impossible to close a position. For example, when the market price fluctuates rapidly, if the price rises or falls sharply within one trading day, the transaction will be suspended or restricted according to the regulations of the relevant exchange. Setting a stop loss does not necessarily limit your loss to the planned amount because market conditions make it impossible to trade at the agreed price. In addition, under certain market conditions, the execution price of a stop-loss order may be worse than the price set by the customer, and the actual loss may be greater than expected. Settlement protection 15. On many exchanges, the trading performance of your company (or a third-party cooperator on your behalf) is ensured by the exchange or clearing house. However, if your company or the other party defaults, the above warranty may not apply to you in many cases and may not protect you. Upon request, the Company must explain to you the protection we provide to you in the event that the Settlement Guarantee applies to any OTC Derivatives you are trading. There are no clearing houses for traditional options and for off-market instruments that are not traded under the rules of an approved or designated investment exchange. Inability to pay debt 16. The bankruptcy or default of the company may result in your position being closed or forced to close without your permission. In some cases, you may not be able to take back the actual assets you have deposited for the mortgage, and you may have to accept cash payments or other appropriate pipeline payments. 17. Separation funds will be protected by the appropriate regulatory agencies. 18. Non-separated funds are not protected by the appropriate regulatory agencies. Non-separated funds will not be separated from the company's funds and will be used in the company's business process. In the case of the company's bankruptcy, you will be listed as ordinary creditors. 4. Collaborative vendor risk This notice is made in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. 1. The Company may transfer funds received from the Client to a third party (such as a bank, market, intermediary, over-the-counter market contractor or settlement institution) to hold or control to influence or conclude a transaction or Perform the obligation of the customer to provide security (such as initial margin requirements). The company is not responsible for any acts or omissions of the third-party manufacturers. 2. Collaborative vendors may deposit funds in a consolidated account and may not be able to separate them from client funds or third party funds. In the event of a bankruptcy of a third party or other similar lawsuits, the company may only have a guarantee for the third party on behalf of the customer, and the customer will face insufficient funds received by the company's self-supporting manufacturer to meet the customer's claim. The company is not responsible for any resulting losses. 3. The company can deposit client funds outside the European Economic Area on behalf of customers. The legal and regulatory mechanisms applicable to such credit institutions may differ from those in the United States. In the event of bankruptcy or other similar litigation, the client's funds processing pipeline will be different from the case where funds are deposited with Bank of America. The Company will not be liable for the bankruptcy, act or omission of the third party mentioned in this article. 4. The company may deposit client funds in a depository institution, which may have security interest, lien or offset rights. 5. The bank or broker through which the company conducts its business may have i

Risk warning: Margin spread contracts involve high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors may encounter losses that exceed the amount of money they receive in trading. Messages on this website, e-mail or related websites will not recommend any financial products, nor will they contain information based on investors'personal goals, financial status and needs. Before deciding to trade margin spread contracts in AFUFX, please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide carefully and seek the advice of independent experts if necessary. Investors with low risk tolerance or over 60 years of age are not recommended for trading. All information and content of this website may be changed at any time without further notice. You are browsing the interface of AFUFX's Hong Kong website. Please note that this website is set up by Chinese users who are easy to use. It is still an American website whose content is governed by the relevant laws of the United States and the Commonwealth. Transactions are risky and investments need to be prudent.