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NDD (there is no trader platform in the dealing platform, which avoids the man-made operation of the dealer backstage, guarantees the transparency of the price and the fairness of the transaction). · Smooth: no conflict execution · Direct: no trader processing mode, order direct market · Accurate: Perform point-accurate · Fair: All market participants provide the same level of trading · Stable: Self-owned network security software system, the transaction is safer and faster Afufx liquidity supplier The core of afufx's business is to provide competitive trading spreads and trade executions for clients on major currency pairs. Which of the afufx liquidity suppliers are included? Afufx's liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions, major brokers and other market makers. The afufx Group currently has a number of liquidity providers, including (but not limited to): - Barclays Bank (Barclays Bank, PLC) - Fortress Securities LLC (Morgan Stanley - Citibank - Morgan Stanley & & Co., LLC) kcg Europe limited. In addition, a number of liquidity suppliers also provide quotes to fxcm through fastmatch electronic communication network (Electronic communication network). For traders interested in the no-trader platform execution model, afufx has a number of global liquidity providers competing to offer the best offer. How do liquidity suppliers compete to offer quotations? Each liquidity supplier provides an offer price and a offer price to FXCM via a direct quotation system. The afufx quotes select the best bid price and the best offer price, plus afufx's elevation idea. And then click here to generate the best available bid-ask spread, making our bid-ask spreads transparent and one of the lowest bid-ask spreads in the industry. In addition to the best quotation, the Company also ranks the liquidity supplier based on the executable price, the order rejection rate, the bid-ask spread, the quotation and the lag time. The liquidity supplier that provides the best quotation and execution will receive More orders, and poorly performing liquidity providers will be ranked last or completely removed from the trading platform. By maintaining such high standards for liquidity suppliers, the company is able to provide the best customer experience possible. . What will the liquidity supplier see? When a trader establishes an order through FXCM's straight-through processing system, afufx will issue a fully paired order to the liquidity supplier that provides the best offer. E.g, 1. The buy order in the above example will be assigned to the liquidity supplier# 2. For liquidity providers, all orders will be displayed as market orders from FXCM and will not contain any information about traders. 3. Since the price supplier can't see your stop loss, limit price and pending order, we have created an environment without price control. When we combine this execution mode with the transaction that will not re-quote, you have Opportunity to trade with confidence in any market situation (even during a major news event with confidence in trading).

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