Advanced Financial Union Ltd
First-class financial services and regulation National Futures Association (NFA) ID: 0505887 Serving over 280,000-bit customers in more than 90 countries AFUFX worldwide are subject to strict supervision Perfect technology, transparent price, bring you the market depth composed of more than 20 top banks, more than 90 exchanges and 18 electronic communication networks In London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and has offices elsewhere 24/7 professional multilingual customer service A bonus policy with absolute advantage To provide users with ample liquidity and low spreads Provide payment and selection of pipeline security funds within 24 hours Support multiple deposit channels, including credit card and wire transfer; support UnionPay funds transfer
Advanced trading platform Stable trading platform, advanced technology, nanosecond trading execution 100% ECN technology of automated trading desk Without human intervention model of fully automated trading technology and service counters Platform to perform daily trading volume of more than $ 4.3 billion ECN trading with a strong pool of liquidity Five-level market depth Five-digit pricing Instant stable nanosecond trade execution No EA or scalp trading restrictions No price slippage and re-quotes - allow Scalping Unbeatable transaction stability The trading platform with cutting-edge technology is extremely stable Support multiple device operations such as mobile phones and tablets
Financial security Abundant capital strength, daily turnover of more than $ 4.3 billion actually paid up capital of 2 billion yuan Provides up to £50,000 in security for each account of AFUFX customers Fund isolation Financial services compensation plan guarantee Settlement institution Bank guarantee Managed Accounts
Cutting-edge products 100:1 trading leverage available Minimal commission Provide users and partners with a variety of trading tools and equipment including MAM and PAMM, virtual dedicated server, white label technology Full-featured front and back office support No trading restrictions 24/7 online financial information

Risk warning: Margin spread contracts involve high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors may encounter losses that exceed the amount of money they receive in trading. Messages on this website, e-mail or related websites will not recommend any financial products, nor will they contain information based on investors'personal goals, financial status and needs. Before deciding to trade margin spread contracts in AFUFX, please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide carefully and seek the advice of independent experts if necessary. Investors with low risk tolerance or over 60 years of age are not recommended for trading. All information and content of this website may be changed at any time without further notice. You are browsing the interface of AFUFX's Hong Kong website. Please note that this website is set up by Chinese users who are easy to use. It is still an American website whose content is governed by the relevant laws of the United States and the Commonwealth. Transactions are risky and investments need to be prudent.