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保證金差價合約交易涉及高風險,未必適合所有投資者。投資者可能會在交易時遇到損失超過入金金額的情况。在本網站、電郵或其相關網站中的訊息不會對任何金融產品作出推薦,所包含的訊息也沒有以投資者個人的目標、財務狀況和需要為依據。在决定於AFUFX進行保證金差價合約交易前,請投資者仔細閱讀我們的產品披露聲明(Product Disclosure Statement)和金融服務指南(Financial Services Guide),如有需要請尋求獨立專家的建議。不建議風險承受能力較低或60歲以上投資者進行交易。本網站的所有資料及內容均有可能隨時變更而不作另行通知。


Risk warning: Margin spread contracts involve high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors may encounter losses that exceed the amount of money they receive in trading. Messages on this website, e-mail or related websites will not recommend any financial products, nor will they contain information based on investors'personal goals, financial status and needs. Before deciding to trade margin spread contracts in AFUFX, please read our Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide carefully and seek the advice of independent experts if necessary. Investors with low risk tolerance or over 60 years of age are not recommended for trading. All information and content of this website may be changed at any time without further notice. You are browsing the interface of AFUFX's Hong Kong website. Please note that this website is set up by Chinese users who are easy to use. It is still an American website whose content is governed by the relevant laws of the United States and the Commonwealth. Transactions are risky and investments need to be prudent.